SQL Tip #12 – Get File Extension, File Name and Folder path

This is not a common database scenario where database developer will have to parse a file path and extract file name and it’s extension. Most of the time it will be done in the application level.

You can consider the following if you ever need this:

--declare variable
DECLARE @filePath varchar (1000)
DECLARE @ext varchar(5)
DECLARE @fileName varchar(255)
DECLARE @folderName varchar(255)

--full file path
SET @filePath = 'C:\Users\sbarua\Documents\eBook\shamika.bmp'

SET @fileName = Right(@filePath,CHARINDEX('\',REVERSE(@filePath))-1)
SET @ext = Right(@filePath,CHARINDEX('.',REVERSE(@filePath))-1)
SET @folderName = REPLACE(@filePath,@fileName,'')

SELECT @fileName
SELECT @folderName

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